Thursday, 4 October 2018

Silent movie nights in October 2018

For the third year in a row at the Odie Cinema, the month of October is dedicated to silent horror movies. As we approach Halloween, join us for some delightfully spooky time!

As always, silent movie nights take place Fridays from 1 pm SLT, at this location.

5 October 2018
Genuine: A Tale of a Vampire (orig. Genuine, die Tragödie eines seltsamen Hauses, Germany)

Directed by Robert Wiene, released in 1920. Starring Fern Andra and Hans Heindrich von Twardowski. The set was designed by expressionist artist Cesar Klein. We'll be watching a version with a particularly eerie score by P. Emerson Williams.

12 October 2018
Waxworks (orig. Das Wachsfigurenkabinett, Germany)

Directed by Paul Leni, released in 1924. Starring Emil Jannings and Conrad Weidt. The movie is a mix of different genres, and some classify it as historical, with only some episodes belonging to the horror genre.

19 October 2018
Wolf Blood: A Tale of the Forest, USA

Directed by George Chesebro, released in 1925. Starring George Chesebro and Roy Watson. A werewolf story.

26 October 2018
The Bat, USA

Directed by Roland West, released in 1926. Starring Jack Pickford (Mary's younger brother) and Louise Fazenda. Based on the 1920 Broadway hit by the same title, it was an influence on the subsequent creation of Batman.