Monday, 27 August 2018

Lovecraft Festival

No Lovecraft fan will want to miss this: LoveFest 2018 - the 7th annual celebration of H. P. Lovecraft in Second Life.

Duncan and I visited the other day, and while we only had a look at the more commercial side of it, namely the merchants' quarter, there are other events scheduled such as concerts and readings. Stores are selling Lovecraft and fantasy-related items, and you can also grab a few freebies if you play the LoveFest Hunt.

Do watch your step though, as the streets of this small New England town are not exactly safe!

LoveFest is open until 2nd September, so don't wait too long. To visit, follow this SLurl.

Leaving Second Norway

All good things come to an end, as they say, and so did my stay in East Fjord Grieg of Second Norway. During the time I was there, my island went through many transformations, from a fishing village to a medieval castle and many things in between. It was also a home to Refugium, a small meditation space, and the place where I first launched silent movie nights that eventually became a regular Friday event.

When I returned from my summer holidays, I decided to make a few changes affecting both my RL and SL, including decluttering my living space, and trimming down my overall expenses. In the spirit of that decision, I knew I had to let go of Second Norway. On my last day there, as I was taking back my items, I reflected on all the memories and good things that happened there. I didn't stay too long, though, not wanting to get too sentimental. Once I had all my thingies back in the inventory, I TPed to the rental place to click the 'won't renew' button, and that was that.

At the moment, I'm regrouping in Odie, my mainland parcel, where all my stuff will be up in a skybox that I've had my eye on for a long time. More on that as soon as things are ready there!

Silent movie nights recap: June - August 2018

Once again I've neglected blogging about our silent movie nights... Noticing that I've left no record of them since May (apart from the regular posts in our Facebook group and elsewhere), here's a list of films we saw in June and July of 2018.


1 June 2018
The Ghost Train (El tren fantasma, 1927). Directed by Gabriel Garcia Moreno.

Given the Mexican theme, the cinema to decorated with Mexican flags, there were tacos and tequila, and after the movie we went for a car trip!

8 June 2018
The Iron Fist, 1927. Directed by Gabriel Garcia Moreno, starring Lupe Bonilla and Manuel Carillo.

After the movie, food and drinks, we did some dancing...

15 June 2018
Home movies from the 1930s Mexico, made by Stefan Hirsch and Elsa Rogo.

22 June 2018
Tepeyac (1917), directed by Jose Manuel Ramos and others. Roberto Arroyo Carillo and Pilar Cota.

29 June 2018
A German Hacienda in Mexico (1930s), a German educational documentary.

...again followed by a party, which we took out to the street.


5 July, 2018
Sherlock, Jr. (1920), starring Buster Keaton and Catherine McGuire.

20 July, 2018
The Pawnshop (1916), starring Charlie Chaplin.

Throughout August we were on the summer break.

Thanks to all who joined us for our regular Friday movie nights in the season 2017/2018!