Sunday, 10 June 2018

Relaxed Rules Day in Berlin

The 1920s Berlin sim celebrated its 9th anniversary last week, and one whole day was the designated Relaxed Rules Day, during which visitors and residents do not have to follow the usual requirements (such as period clothing etc.).

Three years ago I attended as a futuristic space warrior, in 2016 I showed up as a medieval monk. Last year is a total blank for me - if I don't blog about something or save a ton of snapshots, I tend to forget about it! Anyway, this year I went in a Space Cowboy suit designed by my friend Marco Falconer, while Duncan came in his lovely, flowery kimono.

Duncan and I arriving at the station

In front of the Brandenburg Gate

This year, the RRD celebration (at least by the time Duncan, Ciska, and I got there) was held at the top of the Adlon Hotel, with a nice dance podium, but also a huge roller coaster, which was a lot of fun!

Once we finished with the ride, the rest of the evening we did a lot of dancing. Practically every year the party quickly turns into a sort of gay pride event, which is great! It was also time to drop the space suit down to something more comfy... The DJ was ChiChi Fredericks, and she did a great job!

Around midnight came the customary massive flood, leaving us all under water!

Duncan cooling down from the hot weather

The party went on but it was already past bedtime for me, so I sailed straight to my RL bed...

Happy anniversary, 1920s Berlin! Here's to many more!