Saturday, 6 January 2018

Notes from the opening of Goh Mishima exhibition

As I announced in an earlier post, yesterday at Refugium instead of our regular silent movie night, we had a special event. It was a combination of a (slightly belated) New Year celebration, an exhibition opening and a movie night - all on the theme of Japan.

As people started gathering inside Refugium castle, we first had a little chat, meeting friends old and new. The food cart was (and remains) filled with nice Japanese food...

The exhibition displays works of Japanese homo-erotic artist Goh Mishima, sometimes described as yakuza porn - consisting of masculine characters wearing tattoos typical of Japanese mobsters. We've all noticed certain resemblance to the art of Tom of Finland, but with distinctly Japanese features.

After touring the exhibition, we all descended to the cinema hall where we watched a short silent movie travelogue of Japan, made in the 1920s...

Once the movie finished, we had a small party, starting with the breaking of a barrel of sake.

And after nightfall, we had fun with sparklers and fireworks!

The exhibition remains open throughout January 2018. To reach Refugium, please follow this SLurl.

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