Friday, 5 January 2018

A special Japan event at Refugium

On Friday, 5 January 2018, there will be a special three-part event at Refugium. Starting at 1 pm SLT, there will first be the opening of an exhibition displaying works of Japanese homoerotic artist Goh Mishima. Upon teleporting, visitors will receive a notecard and a HUD accompanying the exhibition. (Note: some of the works are explicit.)

After the tour of the gallery space, we will enjoy some delicious Japanese food and sweets in the castle courtyard.

And if you're in a more reflective mood, you can visit the small shinto shrine at the northern tip of the island.

Finally, around 1:30 pm SLT, we will have our regular Friday silent movie night - this time we'll be watching a short silent film travelogue of Japan, made in the 1920s (the decade in which Mishima was born).

To reach Refugium, please follow this SLurl. Looking forward to having you with us!

P. S. Many thanks to Duncan Armundsen and Ciska Riverstone for helping out with the preparations for this event! <3

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