Tuesday, 6 June 2017

An evening in Berlin

It's the week of the 1920s Berlin sim anniversary celebrations. There are lots of events planned for each day, and yesterday Duncan, Ciska and I went to the pool party at the local Volksbad.

By the time I arrived, there were already lots of people there. And as I was running late, there was no time to update my outfit, so I had to use my old Berlin appearance...

Duncan and I had a few drinks, while Ciska must have been checking out the guys.

Later we went to the steam room which, I can tell you, is no fun if you have to sit there in full swimsuit. Next time, I'll be taking that one off...

Finally, we went to wash in the upper rooms.

I had to peek over the partition... Ooh-la-la!

After we visited the new library building and a few other places along the way, we took Ciska to the train station, as she had to take the late night train back home.

After a night cap, we ended the evening at my place on Dorotheenstraße, slowly drifting into sleep...