Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Silent movie nights in May 2017

After a somewhat depressing selection of April movies (ironically, it was supposed to be Gay April), we are all ready for some laughs - in May we'll be showing silent comedies we haven't seen until now.

You will find the full schedule below, but first a brief reminder that all movie nights take place Fridays starting at 1 pm SLT at this location. You can find more information in the Odie Cinema Facebook group, or in the Google Plus collection.

5 May 2017
Isn't Life Terrible? (1925)

When you win a cruise trip, but just about everything goes wrong! A slapstick directed by Leo McCarey, starring Charlie Chase, Oliver Hardy, Katherine Grant. Duration: 25 minutes.

12 May 2017
Speedy (1928)

Harold Lloyd saves New York's last horse-drawn trolley, helping his girlfriend's family business survive the arrival of railroad. Baseball fans will be interested to know that Babe Ruth also appears in the movie! Duration: 66 minutes.

19 May 2017
The Circus (1928)

The first Charlie Chaplin movie we're showing at the Odie! A romantic comedy in which the Tramp finds the love of his life in a circus. Starring Charlie Chaplin, Merna Kennedy. Duration: 72 minutes.

26 May 2017
Two Tars (1928)

Laurel and Hardy as two sailors on leave, end up in a huge traffic jam... Directed by James Parrott. Duration: 22 minutes.

After this short silent comedy, we'll go for a drive around the SL continent of Nautilus in vintage cars!

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