Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Heterocera Travelogue #20: Bedstraw

In the previous instalment of my travelogue, I was in Amella, close to the east coast of Heterocera. From the distance, the neighbouring Bedstraw didn't look very promising, but as it was the next stop along this route, I paid it a visit.

Bedstraw's location is quiet interesting. It is to the east of Amella and is the first of the sims I've visited that has also access to Route 5 (on its easternmost part) and to the ocean. Almost half of the sim is owned by Governor Linden, with nothing rezzed on it. The parcels bordering that land are all owned by Southern Kingdom of Bedstraw, and all contain nuclear reactors, emitting fluorescent green smoke. Perhaps I should have worn a gas mask or something...

In stark contrast, not far from the reactors, along the shore, is Southern Kingdom's nicer part, with trees, chairs, and a hammock, with the view of the Route 5 bridge.

The parcel right along the coast contains cannons on it. They emit a lot of blue balls that end up hitting Route 5, so be careful if you drive there! They are not actually dangerous in any way, although their effects makes everything look like a mild griefing situation.

The rest of Bedstraw is a large sandbox, with 1 week expiration, which explains why the area looks the way it does...

Walking deeper into the land I came across the very heart of Southern Kingdom of Bedstraw - the castle surrounded by trees and a small lake. There are no banlines or security orbs and it is possible to walk inside and explore.

The bedroom door was locked, but I managed to peek inside and take a snapshot of the interior. It seems the castle really is ancient.

In the halls, there are interesting old manuscripts that you can leaf through, and that is probably the most interesting thing about all of Bedstraw.

The top floor of the castle looks rather psychedelic, with a giant kaleidoscope and a "meditation ball".

The very tall tower on the side of the castle is actually hollow and impossible to climb, but camming inside showed me this...

It is possible to sit on one of the swings at the very top, though, which gave me a not very nice view of this strange sim and the surrounding area. There were sim restarts in progress, otherwise everything would have looked even messier.

In brief, if you want to inhale radioactive fumes, sunbathe in the immediate vicinity of nuclear reactors, or enjoy the unique architecture and furniture design of the early SL, Bedstraw is the place to go!

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