Friday, 3 March 2017

Heterocera Travelogue #19: Amella

As I continue my explorations along the eastern parts of Heterocera, I leave Poecila and enter the neighbouring Amella.

Large parts of this sim are empty and abandoned, especially along the public road. But there are still a few things to see, such as the unusual futuristic structure found deep in the southeastern corner of the sim. 

Life Size Transformers build is a bit difficult to enter, but double-click TP works, or flying down on one of the landing pads on the sides. It turns out to be a store with different models of aircraft, transforming avatars, and a few freebies. Vendors were down at the time of my visit.

Not far from Life Size Transformers is a small trailer found on Jose's Amella SLRR Land parcel. It looked inviting, so I went inside to take a little break from the journey.

Another feature of Jose's land is this model of an old train - a VRC freebie found on the tracks connected to SLRR.

While there is nothing else to see in Amella itself, the view on neighbouring parcels is a representation of typical mainland - lots of prim trash, leftovers from who knows when, protective screens, and such. 

And if you look up, it's just more of the same, such as this fortress on a floating island. With waterfalls.

Still, the trashy Bedstraw to the east of Amella seems to be my next destination, as it's the next place along this route...

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