Sunday, 12 February 2017

With the Living

Arts lovers, here's an exhibition you should go see: "With the Living", the latest collaborative project of Pearl Grey and Klaus Bereznyak, has just opened.

Klaus Bereznyak

Pearl Grey

When you teleport to the gallery, there are just simple walls. However, once you walk through the gate, you will find yourself inside a narrative space created by Pearl's photographs in combination with Klaus' text.

I won't include any spoilers, except for sharing the opening image which introduces the key elements: memory, remembrance, and the importance of storytelling. The story itself feels personal, intimate even, yet told in an evocative way that everyone can relate to. You can tell that the project was done with a lot of love and reflection.

Once you reach the end, there's a wall with gifts - several images from the exhibition (with and without text) selected by the artists.

"With the Living" stays open till March 11, 2017 at this Second Life location.