Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Heterocera Travelogue #18: Poecila

After a visit to Catalpa back in December, I travel further south to Poecila. Already from the distance I could see what is the only feature of this area - Dazai Voom's celebrated D-LAB store. The entire region is owned by Voom, so D-LAB is pretty much the only game in town.

Poecila train station next to SLRR tracks

Easy to spot, D-LAB dominates the area

D-LAB is well known for it recognizable artistic designs and a large number of really interesting gadgets, pets, pieces of decor etc. I'm sure it doesn't need advertising, so I'll just share a few snapshots from the store. It is located up in the sky, which I don't usually cover in my travelogues, but I will make an exception this time. You can pick up the landmark on the ground.

The Sky Garden covers a wide area and you can spend a lot of time looking at all the details.

D-LAB Sky Garden landing point area
View over the main store shopping area
If you're on a tight budget, D-LAB regularly features at Fifty Linden Fridays event and is one of the stores that doesn't remove the Friday item immediately after the 24-hour period.

Apart from the store, the Sky Garden is also the location of a really interesting village. With its narrow streets and many small venues, it reminded me of the small towns of the Mediterranean.

Even if you don't care about shopping, you should definitely visit this place. One can spend a lot of time there, and to see what I mean, here's the aerial shot of the Sky Garden. Again, a lot of it (perhaps greater part) is not really a store, so it's not all about shopping there.

When I wrote that D-LAB is the only thing to see in Poecila, that wasn't entirely true... Back on the ground, I spotted waterfalls and a river flowing into the ocean in the neighbouring Gibbosa. At first, I thought this was part of D-LAB too. Partly, it is - Dazai Voom made the upper waterfalls, which then nicely connect to the ones created by Ryan Linden of Linden Department of Public Works on the other side of the bridge. So, there's a little piece of nature, thanks to the Lindens...

The waterfall is another example of how Voom used the existing features to blend into the wider area. I thought this was a very nice touch, since typically most mainland parcel owners show very little regard for the surrounding area.

On the other side of the railway tracks is already Amella, which I will visit next time...