Friday, 9 December 2016

Heterocera Travelogue #17: Catalpa

Continuing my series of Heterocera travelogues, this morning I took off from Malacosoma rezz zone and drove towards south, to Catalpa.

I wasn't quite sure what I would find there, as the surrounding area looked totally deserted from the distance. I inserted my mix tape with Creedence hits, stepped on the gas pedal and off I went...

The first inhabited place that I found was right next to the road and the SLRR tracks - Elzhea's Coffee Stop and Garden. It's a small, 512sqm, parcel - currently on sale - with a garage and a few chairs in the back. It also serves as a rezz zone, as indicated by the sign on the ground.

As I sat there for a bit, I had a zen moment observing the egg lamp...

One can already see the ocean and more parcels from the Coffee Stop, but they belong to the neighbouring Myron and Gibbosa.

The single only other parcel in Catalpa that hasn't been abandoned is to the west of the sim: Killer's Shop. I remember visiting this place several time before in search of different builds. I just hadn't realized it was here on Heterocera. It's surrounded by tall rocks and is not directly accessible, but you can double click to TP inside.

Killer's sells builds, mesh decor and furniture, some with adult animations. There's a lot to see in the store.

That's all there is to Catalpa. Not the most exciting place in Heterocera, although the egg lamp alone made it worth the trip. :D

There is at least one awesome place to visit in the neighbouring Poecilla, which is where I will travel for the next instalment.