Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Last Unicorn at LEA 26

Here's a nice Second Life destination to visit: "The Last Unicorn" at LEA 26 region. The place is a wonderfully made immersive experience, where you get to explore, follow a story and search for the elusive unicorn.

The story itself consists of extracts from Peter Beagle's novel The Last Unicorn. It appears in local chat in about a hundred "storylets", it's rather elaborate, and I must confess I gave up on reading it in detail after a while, but that did not diminish the experience. Lindy Hopper did a great job of making a wonderfully detailed and enjoyable setting.

Also, it isn't one of those complicated games that makes it difficult to complete the task - all you have to do is follow the trails and enjoy the scenery. Just don't forget to take the HUD at the landing point, or you'll be missing out on much.

"The Last Unicorn" will be at LEA 26 until the end of December 2016. To access it, follow this SLurl.

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