Friday, 17 June 2016

The cafe is back!

Ever since I've owned land in Second Life, a small cafe of some sort was always one of the features on my parcels. When I moved to Second Norway, I kept shrinking it down - due to prim limit, mostly - until only one coffee table remained at the dock, a far cry from what my friends and visitors were used to.

Well, today I'm reopening a proper cafe: a boat cafe and lounge. It's going to put some pressure on my prim count, but I can make cuts elsewhere.

Since June is gay pride month I've themed it as a small gay club, at least for now, but everyone is welcome.

The sea level area is going to be more of a lounge, with some games and gadgets.

There's also men's room, which is a convenient addition... Before this I had to go pee in the bushes!

The cafe is on the upper level. There's also some music equipment and dance animations up there.

I'll be adding a few more things, food mainly, but the essentials are already there. When you're sailing around Second Norway, stop by for refreshments!

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