Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Tethys Revisited

A few days ago I briefly visited Tethys on the SL continent of Sansara, not far from the snowy regions. About two years ago I owned some land there - a sort of home away from home. I named it Pine Cliffs.

I haven't been able to retrieve many snapshots from that time, but here are a few that show what the place looked like back then.

Down by the river - great for rafting - I had a small church and a green market. An elevator would take you up the mountain to my house.

I'm reminiscing on it now because I've realized that one of those parcels, currently on sale, still has a lot of my things rezzed there. The next owner asked me if he could keep them, and I was okay with that. Coming there after so much time and finding my rocks, trees, animals and builds still intact made me feel nostalgic.

I went to say hello to my elks and squirrels, and then I stopped by the mountain shelter high up in the rocky mountains. The new owner hadn't made any changes at all.

The only thing  that has changed are the surrounding parcels. At the time when I lived there, most of them were occupied, with not much abandoned land. There was a lot of trees, growing all the way down to the canyon - most of them mine, but then the neighbours rezzed some, too. The area, while far from perfect, at least looked lively. And this is what it looks like now!

It was strange to see only my own things there, and I don't even own any land there any more. I didn't have time to check whether all the surrounding parcels have been abandoned, or the people have chosen to move up in the skyboxes. Either way, it was a sad sight...

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