Saturday, 18 June 2016

Tarot Card History at Rocca Sorrentina

For centuries, tarot cards have been either a favourite pastime or reverently approached divination tool. The current Tarot Card History exhibition at Rocca Sorrentina provides a nice overview of the still unclear origins of tarot and how the tarot deck evolved, both in its design and purpose.

Up on the walls you can find relevant information and lots of illustrations.

Also interesting is the part on the darker times of the history of Europe, when playing with tarot could send you straight to gallows.

Make sure not to miss the final part of the exhibition, found in a side room towards the exit. It's a photo booth of sorts, where you can sit, pose and have your face adorn a number of tarot cards. I had to choose the Fool, my favourite one!

The exhibition has been open for a while now, make sure you visit before it closes. You can reach it by following this SLurl.

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