Sunday, 5 June 2016

Relaxed Rules Day in 1920s Berlin

This past week was filled with a series of fun activities in Second Life's 1920s Berlin community, as the sim celebrated its 7th anniversary. Traditionally, things get totally crazy on Relaxed Rules Day, a day in the year when regular RP rules don't apply. It's also a convenient day for visitors and newcomers to TP into the city without worrying about the appropriate attire and most other restrictions.

Last year I was a visitor from the distant future, traveling back in time to the 1920s (which reminds me to find those bionic arms somewhere in my inventory...).

This time, I arrived to the city on my bosk-driven cart as a medieval monk wanting to see the bright future.

The city looked both impressive and scary, seen through the eyes of an ancient friar. The sight of an inexplicable flying monster was shocking...

As was the sight of a huge sunken ship.

I was curious about the purpose of the round structure in the centre of the square... Until I drove near enough to smell unpleasant odours.

Curious workmanship of this bizarre vehicle didn't deter me from attempting to race it, but my poor bosk wasn't as willing.

Things got more funny once my friend Duncan - the Berlin bear - arrived, giving me a real bear hug!

Soon more friends, old and new, appeared, showing off their costumes.

Later we joined a 1970s disco party on Alexanderplatz (I had to cam away from the psychedelic dance floor; it was too much for my eyes, medieval and otherwise).

If you're reading this on Sunday, 5th June, there's still time to visit and join in the event. As soon as tomorrow things will go back to the 1929 normal...

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