Thursday, 2 June 2016

Good bye Heterocera, hello Nautilus!

Last night my last remaining parcel on Heterocera was sold. Since my move to Second Norway a few months ago, I'd only used the land in Triphosa for my small thrift store. It also served as a kind of a memento to a quarter sim that I used to own in the area. Eventually I decided to let it go. Fred, a good friend of mine, bought it and is now working on building a new train station there.

Duncan and I on the empty parcel, soon to be Fred's train station
I haven't given up on mainland, though. I still want a mainland place with access to a public road, where I can come back to after a road trip. I managed to find just one such location, on a continent I haven't explored much so far - Nautilus, in a place called Odie. There I've just set up my petrol station and cafe, conveniently located right next to the public rezz zone.

The area is pleasant and surprisingly free of too much mainland clutter. And Route 12, judging by what I see on the world map, looks promising. I'm definitely looking forward to exploring it.

The place is still in need of some finishing touches, but if you need to fill your tank and grab a cup of coffee or a slice of home-made pie, you're welcome to visit:

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