Tuesday, 7 June 2016

"Are We There Yet?" - Nautilus Road Trip #1

Last night I went on a road trip across Nautilus with a group of friends. The continent, previously not well known to me, has a really nice public road running across it - Route 12. While some of the other continents, such as Heterocera, have a more elaborate system of roads and railway tracks, Nautilus feels much less cluttered with typical mainland junk, which makes for a more pleasant drive.

We gathered on the eastern end of Route 12, in Rannveig. The rezz zone there served as a convenient place for everyone to rezz their vehicles. For the purpose of this event, we agreed to have a 1950s theme, and it was lovely to see all the period vehicles. I bet it's been a while since there was a proper traffic jam there (or on any other SL public road, for that matter)!

Although on the world map the Route seemed a bit long, it took only about 20 minutes to reach my petrol station in Odie, on the western part of the continent. Sadly, a few people had to leave us at that point, but after a short break we continued down the road.

It was another ten minutes or so, and we reached the end of Route 12 in Beatrice. There was nothing much to see there, but I wanted us to go visit Amakuni, a Japanese place a few sims back. To get there, we had to go back to Desdemona and drive across a few abandoned parcels. The first thing we reached in Amakuni was a forest with a rather narrow dirt road. There was a lot of honking, as you can imagine...

Soon it became impossible to continue the journey by car, but as we practically reached the destination, we continued to explore the town on foot. Amakuni spreads over several sims, and contains interesting and funny features, including free Japanese food and toys. After a long journey, the refreshments were very welcome!

Further from the central square there's a cafe/poetry club, a large church (designed for weddings, apparently), public baths, outdoor gym and other facilities, but nothing attracted more attention than the wrestling ring. Had I known Zoe was so strong, I'd never consent to playing with her!

Once I picked myself up, we went to check out a nice Shinto shrine on the hill above the town. 

A visit to this little piece of Japan on the western coast of Nautilus made for a very pleasant end of our first group road trip. I plan to organise more of these in the near future and I'll keep you all posted!

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