Saturday, 30 April 2016

Ahead of riots in 1920s Berlin

For many 1920s Berlin residents and visitors, tomorrow is one of the most action-packed days: May Day riots. Communist revolutionaries will be clashing with the police, and there will be a lot of violence and shooting that normally you can't see on the streets of the sim.

Thinking about the event, I searched for my posts about the riots from previous years. The 2013 event was the first for me as a relatively new resident. I remember it as an exciting event and an interesting opportunity to learn more about the infamous Blutmai. I was reporting on it a year later, for a 2014 Tumblr post (I was still ginger back then!), from the safety of a food store. While others were killing each other, I was munching on something and having a beer. Such an Abi thing to do... Make pastry, not war!

This year I'll probably skip the event, preferring something more quiet. Yesterday I packed my suitcases...

...bought a ticket to Sylt via Hamburg, and hopped on a train.

This morning I was already sunbathing on a sandy northern beach. It was rather chilly, and I was the single only person there. But at least I was far away from all the kerfuffle in Berlin...

If you do see me in the city tomorrow, I'll be there incognito, baking in my kitchen. I can't tend wounds, but if you're for a glass of wine and some wienerbrød, do pop by...

P.S. If you want to take part or observe, the riots start tomorrow, May 1, at 2pm SLT.

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