Thursday, 10 March 2016

Nox Arcanus

Earlier today I browsed through the Destination Guide and came across Nox Arcanus. The latinist in me cringed, as grammatically it ought to be nox arcana (roughly "a mysterious night")... Still, I got intrigued and so I went on my way.

The landing point is somewhere under water. Until everything rezzed I thought I got the wrong SLurl.

Nox Arcanus turned out to be a small town with an abandoned, apocalyptic appearance, beginning with the church closest to the landing point. There's an eerie looking sun and comets of sorts visible in the dark sky. You might want to bring an umbrella, as there's also a steady downpour.

The interior of the church is, predictably, a wee bit satanic...

In a near-by building, there's a gruesome crime scene - with a twist. The barrels and dumpster along the wall all come with sex animations.

On the other side of town, there's a large motel, with each room furnished with sex furniture, lot of it on the S&M side of things. As I reached the area, my friend Duncan joined me in the exploration. Of the sim, not S&M, you pervs...

I will have you know that both of us were far more interested in the lovely bumper cars! Unlike other things at the run down luna park, they actually work and are a lot of fun.

Personally, I enjoyed the stay, as the whole place is well made. Even if you couldn't care less about bonking on a smelly sex dumpster at a murder scene, there are other things to do and see. It isn't a very large place, so looking around doesn't take up a whole lot of time. Another good thing about it is that it doesn't seem to be attracting masses of people: we were completely alone in the sim during most of the time we spent there. I'll probably go back and take another snapshot or two at some point.

Final note: the sim is adult-only, no child avatars allowed. To visit, follow this SLurl.

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