Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Bazaar in Triphosa

If you travel via SLRR along the east coast of Heterocera, you'll pass by my last remaining mainland parcel in Triphosa. It used to be the location of my train station, then for a brief while a non-descript piece of land with nothing but pine trees rezzed on it - and a teleporter leading up to the small store I opened in an attic skybox.

Last night I did some reshuffling there: the store with select and discounted gacha items is back on the ground, now inside a Middle Eastern build. And for the first time in my SL life, I bought and rezzed some palms. The store is now a small oriental bazaar.

The building to the left will at some point become a way station, where weary travelers can stop by and have some refreshments - as soon as I have a few more prims available. Sadly, there isn't much one can rezz on a 512sqm parcel... Still, there is a comfy bed in the upper room should you need to take a nap before catching the next train.

If your journeys take you in the direction of Triphosa, do come for a visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Triphosa/210/158/31

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