Friday, 26 February 2016

Triphosa Mercantile Society

Yesterday was the opening of the small store I set up in Triphosa. Initially it was supposed to be on the location of the former Norgaard Village train station - the last remaining parcel I've kept on Heterocera.

Everything was already in place when I suddenly decided to move everything up in a skybox, 3500m above the ground - an hour before the scheduled opening! It was a fast operation, and by 1pm SLT everything had been relocated to a cozy attic. Phew!

I've named the place TMS - Triphosa Mercantile Society. If you're traveling by car or SLRR, you can access the store from the ground, by using the door which will teleport you to the place.

Or you can TP directly, by following this SLurl.

My friends and I will keep restocking with low-prim, low-cost items, and there's a number of freebies, too. At the moment, we've got loads of food, some plants and furniture, wearable vehicles and more. Do visit when you can!

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