Friday, 26 February 2016

Triphosa Mercantile Society

Yesterday was the opening of the small store I set up in Triphosa. Initially it was supposed to be on the location of the former Norgaard Village train station - the last remaining parcel I've kept on Heterocera.

Everything was already in place when I suddenly decided to move everything up in a skybox, 3500m above the ground - an hour before the scheduled opening! It was a fast operation, and by 1pm SLT everything had been relocated to a cozy attic. Phew!

I've named the place TMS - Triphosa Mercantile Society. If you're traveling by car or SLRR, you can access the store from the ground, by using the door which will teleport you to the place.

Or you can TP directly, by following this SLurl.

My friends and I will keep restocking with low-prim, low-cost items, and there's a number of freebies, too. At the moment, we've got loads of food, some plants and furniture, wearable vehicles and more. Do visit when you can!

Friday, 19 February 2016

Furillen in Second Life

Here's a place to visit if you like gloomy, apocalyptic atmosphere. 

Created by Serene Footman, Furillen is the SL version of an actual island in Sweden. Once the location of limestone industry, it was also used by the military, later to become a nature reserve (see more in the Wikipedia entry). The SL Furillen reflects the RL island's recent history...

...but with a nuclear twist to it. The cooling tower doesn't look in a good shape, evoking the vision of an island in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster. A Nordic Chernobyl.

There are remnants of once vibrant tourist industry. But now there's no people around. Buildings have been abandoned, the island deserted. This stillness is eerie. 

Yet, there is life without humans.

The landscape may be dominated by barren land, steel and concrete structures, but there is something comforting about it all. Just the sight of a solitary tree rising out of the dead soil makes you change perspective.

To visit Furillen, follow this SLurl.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

When RL viewer doesn't work

I've spent most of this cold, windy morning hiding in my man cave.

First I logged into RL. The viewer was malfunctioning again... I tried to TP to work, but I kept crashing at landing point, so I went back to SL. RL is such a silly game, anyway.

So I tidied my workbench a bit...

...and did some laundry. Exhausting!

After such a productive morning, it's time for a nap! When I wake up, I'll flick through some magazines that arrived in the mail...

See, there's so much to do when RL crashes! :D

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Most of old Norgaard Village sold

Greater part of my old land has been sold. I've just been there to take back my things and say good-bye.

I kept putting it off, but now it had to be done. I keep telling myself it's silly to be so attached to a piece of virtual land, but when I think of all the hours I spent working on that parcel over the past two years, it just feels sad.

The single only item I could neither take nor return was this piece of poop, rezzed by Duncan in the early days of Norgaard Village.

Not sure what the SL universe is trying to tell me...

P.S. Two parcels are still up for sale, on reduced prices (around 1L$/sqm). If you might be interested, please follow these links: