Thursday, 17 December 2015

Heterocera Travelogue #14: Philudoria

I resumed my journey across Heterocera on a chilly winter day in December, leaving Phyllodesma and entering Philudoria.

The train station near the border crossing is already in the neighbouring Malacosma, but it can serve as a good starting point for visiting the area, and there's also a rezz zone if you wish to rezz your own vehicle. I waited there for a bit until the fog lifted up, planning my way around Philudoria.

Apart from a very short stretch of the road that enters the sim at its southwestern tip, there is also a network of railway tracks here. I hopped onto my freight train and headed deep inside Philudoria, towards north.

The local train station / SLRR rezz zone is very small and it's actually the end of that stretch of SLRR. You can see the crane in the distance, in the neighbouring Xanthorhoe, where the Lindens have done some work on the new bridge and a railway connection to the east coast of the continent (but no work on that has been done in months, so I'm not holding my breath).

Already from here I could see that Philudoria is one of the quirkier places on mainland. First, you can't miss the two large buildings.

The one on the right, Dolphpun Somme Art Gallery and Particle Factory, doesn't seem to have any entrance doors, but that OK, as the walls are phantom. Up on display, there's a curious assortment of inworld snapshots and gifs, most of them homoerotic.

The place on the left is owned by the same person, and seems to be a shop selling cheap T-shirts. It all has a bad mainland feel to it.

The structures are quite large, taking up the entire western part of the sim, and are not the most appealing example of inworld architecture. But hey, at least the clock is working right!

Immediately opposite Dolphpun's is the place owned by Facepunch Studios. I'm not on speaking terms with those guys, as they happen to be the pranksters who were rezzing silly things on my land on several occasions and causing commotion there.

Still, I visited the Arcade they opened on Facepunch Plaza.

It's a fun place, but not all of the games actually work...

The area around the Facepunch Plaza is abandoned. Well, almost... I did find a small parcel with a single prim rezzed on it!

And another one, with only grass and a beanbag in Charity's Bastion.

And there's Ben's Land, where you can sit on his half-buried birthday cake.

Obviously, all that was too much excitement for me, so I went back to the train station and walked into the first train that came by. For the next travelogue, I'll travel further north to Xanthorhoe.