Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Heterocera Travelogue #13: Phyllodesma

Continuing down the road from the direction of Lythria, I reached Phyllodesma. It's a strange sim, but in many ways typical of mainland. There are random builds rezzed all over the place, in different styles, with very little to no attempt at landscaping.

The first place I came across on the southwestern part of the sim is a relatively large parcel named Estate. The first building I entered happened to be a slave house, with a number of rooms containing various sex machines, cages, and objects for bathroom sex. I wasn't sure if the place was supposed to be for public use, but since there were no banlines, I went inside to have a look.

Other builds on the Estate are either empty, or half-furnished, such as this stately home.

Some trees and a little bit of landscaping would have made this area much nicer than it now is, although that wouldn't help much with concealing neighouring walls and privacy screens.

To the right of the slave house is Fabio's ranch, with an equally unfinished appearance. The place is surrounded by high protective walls, but is still publicly accessible. I didn't stay there long, as it had a more private feel to it.

The next parcel, SoundChamber, consists of a simple black build with some posters inside. I wasn't sure what it's supposed to represent.

However, entering through the large red portal at the back wall will lead you to House of Xombe: Art & Necrophilanthropy, an interesting gallery with works of art for sale.

On the other side of the public road, there is just more place to visit: Wingsong freebie store, and right next to it, Wingsong Motor Company. Not much was rezzed there, but you can grab the link to Wingsong's Marketplace store.

Immediately behind this, hidden by huge privacy screens, is already the Philudoria sim, while a bit further down the road is the location of the Malacosma station, where you can catch a train to other parts of the continent. The place also serves as a rezz zone.

As for me, I had to run back to the slave house: after all the walking, I badly needed to pee!

While Phyllodesma doesn't look like much, certainly from the aesthetic point of view, peeking inside the builds and looking around didn't turn out to be as boring as I expected. Neighbouring Lanestris, Malacosma and Philudoria have a similar mainland appearance, and it will be interesting to see what secrets the builds there contain.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Fourth anniversary of Eldorado

Last night, the 1920s Berlin community celebrated the fourth anniversary of Eldorado - the city's popular gay club. Saturday after Saturday, the venue has been the place to go for an hour of period music, exquisitely prepared performances and some gender-bending flirting.

Even though I had some problems with texture loading, I managed to squeeze out a few usable pics to mark the event.