Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Heterocera Travelogue #12: Lythria

After an uneventful visit to disappointingly empty Philereme, described in the previous travelogue, my next stop along Route 4 proved to be the very opposite. Lythria is a fun and lively place, mostly thanks to Simple Wunderlich's Zoo of All Things.

Studying the map of Lythria
The place is quite large, spanning across most of Lythria. There are lots of trees and flowers - and animals, of course, some of which are roaming freely.

There are also curious builds everywhere around, such as this gallery of sorts, where each hall contains a panorama of a different natural setting. Interestingly, I can see this build from my home in the neighbouring Triphosa, but this has been the first time that I actually stepped inside to see what's in it.

Close to the parking and rezz zone area, there are stalls where you can purchase Simple's books which contain inworld photography and collections of meditations.

Also, freebie lovers will appreciate different gadgets, artwork and prefabs available here (admittedly, on the high side in terms of prim count).

There's more to see across the road, where the Aquarium is located. Apparently the entire build is available as a freebie.

There are also cozy spots where you can relax after all the walking and sightseeing, some of which are secluded behind lush vegetation.

Personally, I was happy to come across this barbecue, as the whole visit made me quite peckish.

Given the size of the Simple's Zoo, you can spend quite a lot of time here exploring, hunting for freebies, checking out gallery spaces or looking at the animals. I remember this place from before I even moved to the continent and it's always interesting to visit.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the place is truly one of the Heterocera's landmarks. It's certainly a wonderful refreshment after a series of underdeveloped sims along Route 4.

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