Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Remembering my first place in SL

One thing I do a lot in SL is taking pics. Most of the time it's just simple everyday things that I like to document, as a reminder. I don't look at them often. Not being the most organized person, my pics are all over the place and not particularly sorted out, so whenever I open a folder, it's always an odd mix of old and new, from my newbie days to something I might have taken the other day.

This afternoon I stumbled upon three pics taken within my first several months in SL.

First, I'm happy with the progress I've made with SL photography since. Second, I am very glad to have gotten rid of that hair (and practically any hair altogether). I still have those glasses somewhere, but now I can fit them right!

The other two I labelled "Leaving Home." They must have been taken shortly after Christmas 2012, when I moved out of my first place. It was a very small flat, with a limit of about 30 prims (gasps!). I can't remember the name of the now defunct sim, but surely some of my gay friends will know it - at the time, the popular Bear Cave club was within walking distance. The place was cheap, and it was a start.

My next place was in the same sim, but several times larger. Moving out, I was feeling sad anyway. Although the pics are pretty bad, they still carry that emotion for me and take me back to the exact moment of taking back my stuff and moving out.

A few months ago, I found the LM to that place and I tried to TP there, to check out my old neighbourhood, only to realize that the whole sim is gone - probably had been for quite a while. Nothing unusual, I guess. But that's one thing I miss in SL - some sense of permanence, which is one of the reasons why I love mainland the way I do. People come and go, rezz and derezz their things, but there are still some permanent features of recognizable geography.

I'm not sure why that means to me in a virtual world, but it does. It never feels quite right for me when I TP to a once familiar place and end up at the bottom of the ocean, or next to a for-sale sign in the middle of nowhere.

So anyway, before I digress too much, these three were a nice reminder of my early days in SL.