Thursday, 4 June 2015

Relaxed Rules Day in 1920s Berlin

As part of its 6th birthday celebrations, yesterday was Relaxed Rules Day in The 1920s Berlin Project sim. In theory, it's a day in the year when people can visit the city without observing the usual RP rules, such as the requirement of wearing period clothes.

In practice, though, RRD is much more than that - "relaxed rules" here means total mayhem, a carnival-like festivity including crazy costumes, animal avatars, funny vehicles and use of gestures - all of which are normally discouraged in the sim.

Even before the happy hour at Biergarten, things were beginning to heat up, with Frau Jo, the sim owner, shooting randomly at unsuspecting people - with poor little hamsters as her ammo (don't let the animal activists hear about that!).

Frau Jo: the woman behind the sound of heavy artillery and screeching hamsters

I can only imagine the impression of first-time visitors to Berlin...



At one point, the sim had to be restarted, but some of us managed to get safely to Tiergarten, just behind the Brandenburger Tor, including a lovely dinosaur. The sim's brief and sudden disappearance was quiet before the storm.

Duncan the Dino in company of Father Helendale, waiting for the sim to come back

Once the sim came back on, the happy hour at Biergarten was well visited, with lots of drinking and music going on... until the river Spree began to flood the city, and people started evacuating as best as they could. Luckily, I had a rubber duck at hand.

Gradually, the entire city got under water, with only one roof left to provide safe haven for everyone. But not safe enough from my performance. It took a disaster of biblical proportions to get people to see me sing and dance...

The end was near... The end of the Relaxed Rules Day, that is. It was a wonderful community activity that brought new visitors to town, but I'm sure the regular RPers were the ones who found the whole event most gratifying.

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