Friday, 1 May 2015

Nørgaard Village Gallery in May

After a several-month hiatus, the village gallery is open again. It is now found in a small basement with a grungy feel (as an added twist, the basement is actually a skybox, over 3000 metres above the village church).

The latest exhibition has been ready for a few weeks now, but it was only today that I managed to put some finishing touches. Unlike the previous two exhibitions, which featured SL artists, Gustav von Rosenheim and Jelena Matova, this time I chose to present several works of one of contemporary RL artists whose works I've been enjoying a lot. 

Daniel Barkley is a contemporary Canadian painter whose works, often homoerotic, represent an interesting take on mythological and Biblical themes. For the purpose of this exhibition, I made a very small selection of about a dozen of his paintings which I found to be a great starting point for those who are not familiar with his art.

To visit the gallery, click on the teleporter found in the ruined house behind the village church. Also, a click on the artist's portrait will give you a notecard with additional information on Barkley.

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