Monday, 25 May 2015

Madonna: The Virtual History Tour

Thanks to a friend's late night invite, yesterday I went to see "Madonna: The Virtual History Tour" which took place in Provincetown, SL.

When I arrived, already half-way into the concert, the large hall was packed full, with a lot of loud gestures and one avatar sitting close to me emitting ghastly screams, followed by swearing and cursing from others.

Things calmed down after the break. Once the new set was ready on the stage, the curtain went up revealing a nicely designed scene for the song "Frozen."

Animations and set design were excellent throughout, quite unlike anything I've seen in SL music events, with a different scene for each song. Preparation for this must have taken a lot of time and effort.

The concert ended with "Material Girl" and Madonna throwing the dollar bills around...

I was sorry to have missed greater part of the concert. However, the next one will be some time in June, and I'll make sure to be there.

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