Monday, 25 May 2015

Madonna: The Virtual History Tour

Thanks to a friend's late night invite, yesterday I went to see "Madonna: The Virtual History Tour" which took place in Provincetown, SL.

When I arrived, already half-way into the concert, the large hall was packed full, with a lot of loud gestures and one avatar sitting close to me emitting ghastly screams, followed by swearing and cursing from others.

Things calmed down after the break. Once the new set was ready on the stage, the curtain went up revealing a nicely designed scene for the song "Frozen."

Animations and set design were excellent throughout, quite unlike anything I've seen in SL music events, with a different scene for each song. Preparation for this must have taken a lot of time and effort.

The concert ended with "Material Girl" and Madonna throwing the dollar bills around...

I was sorry to have missed greater part of the concert. However, the next one will be some time in June, and I'll make sure to be there.

To keep in touch with The Virtual History Tour, follow them on Facebook.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Heterocera Travelogue #11: Philereme

After a shorter break from exploring the SL continent of Heterocera, I'm back on the road. Not quite where I'd left off last time, at the Pavonia-Serpentata border, but not that far either: I've decided to go down Route 4 to Philereme - an area closer to home.

The sim borders with several I had previously covered: Wainscot and Drinker to the north, and November to the west. My home sim of Triphosa lies to the east, and there are Lythria and Dimidiata to the south.

To say there isn't much to see in Philereme would be an understatement. Travelling towards south via Route 4, there's practically nothing around. Abandoned parcels stretch along both sides of the road. Even the rare parcels which do have active owners look completely undeveloped, with the property presumably located in skyboxes above. Only the Linden trees make the area less dreary.

It is only very close to the sim's southern border that one can see signs of life - a huge zoo spanning across several neighbouring sims, excluding Philereme: "Simple's Zoo of All Things," which I'll be writing about in the next instalment.

It was from there that I spotted the single only inhabited parcel in the entire sim, creatively called "Mature 512m." All it has are vendors and money changing machines, though, with the view on traces of landscaping done by owners since gone.

Simply put, Philereme is a disaster. It's the first sim I've visited on Heterocera where there's absolutely nothing to see. While I was there looking around and taking notes, a random avatar TPed to one of the abandoned parcels to quickly change clothes and that was it.

A telling sign of the dying mainland? Perhaps, but in the next two instalments I will write about several neighbouring sims that tell a very different story.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

New home

I've just moved into a new home deep in the swamps of Triphosa. Over the months, the spot has evolved from an open waterfront into a somewhat dark forest of swamp cypresses, with the sound of frogs and crickets echoing through the narrow channel.

Hidden by trees is the small chalet on wheels that is now my home. It's probably the single smallest place I've lived in, and I'm very happy with how it turned out.

Thanks to the clever design (a shoutout to junk.), I've been able to rezz more of my tschotschkes than I could in some of the much larger builds I've used.

I was afraid the dock would collapse under the weight of all the potted plants and stuff I placed inside the chalet, but so far things have been holding up!

I don't think I've actually enjoyed any of the previous builds quite so much. Decorating it has been a lot of fun, and I feel it meets my needs perfectly. Something tells me this one will be a keeper.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Nørgaard Village Gallery in May

After a several-month hiatus, the village gallery is open again. It is now found in a small basement with a grungy feel (as an added twist, the basement is actually a skybox, over 3000 metres above the village church).

The latest exhibition has been ready for a few weeks now, but it was only today that I managed to put some finishing touches. Unlike the previous two exhibitions, which featured SL artists, Gustav von Rosenheim and Jelena Matova, this time I chose to present several works of one of contemporary RL artists whose works I've been enjoying a lot. 

Daniel Barkley is a contemporary Canadian painter whose works, often homoerotic, represent an interesting take on mythological and Biblical themes. For the purpose of this exhibition, I made a very small selection of about a dozen of his paintings which I found to be a great starting point for those who are not familiar with his art.

To visit the gallery, click on the teleporter found in the ruined house behind the village church. Also, a click on the artist's portrait will give you a notecard with additional information on Barkley.