Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Tuesday restarts

I've always found sim restarts interesting. First off, they always take me by surprise; the viewer notification always shows up when I'm in the middle of something. Murphy's law, I guess.

 Restarts got more interesting once I bought a neighbouring parcel which is in another region. Just before one place shuts down, I can evacuate to the other and observe things from a safe distance. Not that there is much to see, but I still stop whatever I'm doing and just gaze at the big gaping hole surrounded by contours of the adjacent sims.

 Complete emptiness replacing a location I think of as home gives me a pause for thought. What makes this inworld location, now doubly non-existing in its virtuality, a home? What stories and memories are contained in this nirvana?

Today I poured myself a glass of RL wine and played me some country music waiting for the sim to get back. Here's to restarts, RL and SL. Cheers!

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