Sunday, 1 March 2015

Refugium Monthly Newsletter #3

[repost from the Refugium blog]

Dear friends,

With the shortest month of the year just behind us, it’s time to report on Refugium news and updates.

Our 30-minute meditation sessions continued to take place daily, at 11pm SLT. We’ve had some new visitors, mostly people who have read about Refugium on the social networks or in the Second Pilgrims inworld group. One day we had the unfortunate visit of a group of pranksters who caused some commotion, after which new security settings were introduced. Refugium has been hassle free since.

Speaking of social networks, I’ve recently changed the url for the Tumblr blog, which is now There I’ve been posting a selection of quotes used at the beginning and the end of our sessions, snapshots from Refugium, but also links to articles about meditation and mindfulness. One such recent link directs you to a small collection of guided audio meditations which might be useful for beginners.

Only several days ago I added a small lecture hall to Refugium, with the idea of having monthly cultural events there, namely lectures and presentations on a variety of subjects. While the exact date for the March event has yet to be set, it will be a presentation by Zippedy Zabelin, who will be presenting electronic musical instruments from the 1920s and ’30s, such as theremin.

Since the Tumblr blog is focused on the meditation group only, I’ve started a community page on Facebook for all Refugium events. Please consider ‘liking’ it to keep in touch. You will find it at this address:

With all best wishes,


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