Monday, 9 March 2015

Nørgaard Village commemorative stamps

The second week of March marks the anniversary of my move to Heterocera and the purchase of my first parcel on its east coast. What used to be a narrow strip of barren land, eventually evolved into several times larger Nørgaard Village.

To mark the occasion, I'm issuing special commemorative postage stamps. They illustrate the main thing about living in the Village - enjoying the quiet life of simple folksy ways while being open to the wider world.

The fifty cent stamp is all about farming. Before Nørgaard Village, the place's original name was Nørgaard Farm and it's the part of the land that has changed the least, remaining the steady core of the place.

One L$ stamp shows the Village train station - the Village's transport artery. It's been a relatively recent addition to the land, but it feels like it's been there from the beginning.

The two linden stamp shows the heart of the Village - St Hildegard's. The chapel's original location was the other land I owned in now abandoned Pine Cliffs on the continent of Sansara. The interior has been left intact.

For air mail, you'll likely to need the 5L$ stamp. It shows the original parcel by the ocean, unrecognizable when compared to the land's humble beginnings. Some of the features have been replaced since the snapshot was taken, but most of them are there at the moment of writing. Although I personally tend to like dark and foggy weather, this one captures the ocean side of the Village on a crisp and sunny spring morning.

If you'd like some of this mainland memorabilia, I will soon make the stamps available as posters on my MP (I'll amend the blog later, with the link to that).

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