Sunday, 8 February 2015

Spring morning in Nørgaard Village

I've been making a lot of changes on my land recently. In the village, I've removed some of the cottages that I bought and rezzed impulsively (I just can't resist a good cottage!). The central area is terraformed differently, and St Hildegard's chapel is now on a better location. I've also added some new features, such as the weather station.

Coastal area is now called Nørgaard Village - Oceanview, and it's less cluttered now that I've removed my home from the parcel. Although, I must suffer from horror vacui - in the end I enlarged the island and rezzed a whole bunch of stuff there, partially to conceal the view of the neighbouring tropical parcel. And partially because I'm nuts.

As I was experimenting with windlight earlier today, I took a few snapshots of a morning in Nørgaard Village.

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