Monday, 2 February 2015

Nørgaard Village Post

Abinoam's Journal has a new name - and a new printing office! Earlier today I moved my newspaper thingies in a shack up in Nørgaard Village. So now you know exactly where the newly named Nørgaard Village Post gets produced. But don't TP to hassle the editor - I'm armed! (Not really, but I've got stuff to throw at people.)

In spite of the name change, the blog URL stays the same (, as I didn't want to lose existing comments. Its focus also remains unchanged: travelogues, posts about my favourite places, such as the 1920s Berlin sim, etc. I'm hoping to go back to doing interviews, and I already have a list of people I've been meaning to sit down for a chat with.

Speaking of my blog, since the move to Blogger about a month a ago, it has had close to 2,000 page views. Maybe that's not much, but it seems there's an audience that follows what I write about (thanks, guys!) and that makes me want to do a better job in the future.

Now with all this state-of-the art equipment in the new office, it should be a bit easier to accomplish at least some of my plans.