Saturday, 21 February 2015

My premium membership anniversary

Today is exactly one year since I've joined premium membership. I now think of that day as my second rezzday, as joining greatly changed my experience of Second Life. You can call it my born-again moment in SL.

For one, it signalled the end of my newbie days of living in low-cost rentals where I had very limited options, both in terms of available prim count and of not having all kinds of owner's permissions. When I come to think about my first apartment, it was in a modern skyscraper in a gay sim where I had only 20 prims available! Granted, I wasn't spending all that much time there but I still remember how I had to take back most of my furniture in order to be able to put some modest Christmas decorations during my first inworld winter. I later changed several more rentals, each somewhat bigger and more spacious than the previous. Although all my land owners were kind and friendly, with all the constrictions, none of these places actually felt like home.

Switching to premium was a complete game change for me. Shortly after signing up, I bought my very first land and began to learn about terraforming and all kinds of things I knew nothing about. My friend Duncan helped me enormously, talking me through everything, from how to buy land in the first place, to teaching me the basics of landscaping, to showing me quality stores I didn't know about before. After the initial period of hyperactivity, TPing from one party to the next, I stopped going out so much, preferring instead to spend quality time with closest friends, doing more meaningful things inworld, or just stay at home and work on creating my dream home. Now I couldn't possibly imagine being in SL without it.

And so on this February 21, I remember the excitement of having my experience of SL expand exponentially. It will soon be a full year since I've owned the original parcel that has since evolved into Nørgaard Village. It will be another occasion for a contented look back.