Saturday, 14 February 2015

Heterocera Travelogue #9: November

It was an unseasonably warm winter day in SL, so I hopped on my bicycle and took a ride several sims from my home in Triphosa to a place where I ended my previous travelogue - November.

To begin with, it's a place of great contrasts. I started by checking out the parcels on the right side of Route 3.5, soon to realize there aren't all that many. As I crossed the Drinker-November border, at first I couldn't see a single sign of life there, only an imposing structure in the distance, already in the next sim, Epirrita.

However, riding towards it, I stumbled upon some hovering drone-like objects. Not everything is abandoned here!

Or so I thought... On this small parcel, "SimSider Customs," there were also some domestic animals, not in such a good shape. Similar to the horses in Mandalay Stables in Wainscot (see Travelogue #1), these too had tags indicating malnourishment and poor health. Who knows when was the last time somebody took care of them. Having a chicken farm back at my place (free-range!), I felt for the poor animals.

Exploring further and riding towards southwest, I reached the Situs Manuum parcel - already quite close to the border with Serpentata - with its large blimp.

The place looked messy, with different things rezzed there, including a "cloud egg" (whatever that may be)...

...and an ominous sign.

Had I actually seen an imp, I probably wouldn't have resisted doing the opposite of what the sign suggested. Maybe the creature was hiding under a giant black mushroom that I forgot to take a snapshot of.

There's another parcel on this side of the road, just along the November-Serpentata border: the Transgender Lounge. Now, if the two previous parcels didn't look all that representative, what can one say about this venue?

Yes, that's all there is! And similarly curious is a hovering "library console" building on Kara's Clan's Land next to the Lounge. I wasn't sure what to make of it.

I had a quick cigarette break nearby, before I went to check out what the eastern part of November had to offer. And there was certainly much more to see.

First, there's the large "SoutH of HeaveN Farm rentals& breedables" parcel, currently in the process of building. As it happened, the owners were there while I was snooping around. I didn't want to intrude, but I said hi anyway and asked Christine Perl Sorbet and Perfect Storm a little bit about the place.

Christine Perl Sorbet
Chatting with Perfect Storm
They explained there used to be a club there, but now they are transforming the parcel into a space for breedable rentals and fishing.

I asked them about the forlorn appearance of much of November - they didn't mind that so much of it is left abandoned: it only gives them the freedom to do whatever they want on their own land. I could relate to that, wishing for fewer neighbours myself!

Saying good-bye to Christine and Perfect, I left for the next parcel along the road, called "Raine Designs Dance Floors and more". It's a store selling all kinds of items, from fireplaces and trees to pose balls and large dance floors. Also moving animals, which look rather like cardboard cutouts.

The parcel next to it is another commercial venue, by the name of "Neuro//:". The two buildings rezzed there look very modern and nicely made, both the exteriors and the interiors. One of the them is still entirely empty, while the other one stores only a few items, namely goth and alternative outfits for men and women. This place seems to be a work in progress, but it's promising, and in stark contrast with the dilapidated buildings on the messy parcels across the road.

I was tempted to continue along Route 3.5 towards Serpentata's snowy parcels, but it was already getting dark and I had a long way to cycle back home...

Aerial shot of November