Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Heterocera Travelogue #10: Serpentata

For my visit to the next sim along Route 3.5, I needed to put on some warm clothes. Unlike all of the sims covered in the previous nine instalments of my Heterocera travelogues, this one is mostly a winter sim - at least for now.

As I crossed the November-Serpentata border, I soon realized that most of the sim is owned by one person - Betony Greggan.

I don't know if she changes the sim with the seasons, but right now her place - spreading along both sides of the Route 3.5 - is a true winter wonderland.

I remember how quickly I had given up on changing my own parcels into winter, as mainland doesn't lend itself easily to such changes. With that in mind, I had to admire Betony's attempt and all the little winter details she added there. It can't have been easy to set it all up.

One caution, though. In quite a few places, snow tends to be very deep (I bet you failed to notice the tip of my head protruding from the snow in front of the cabin in the third snapshot of this post), or worse: you actually fall through the snow and end up on the green ground underneath it all.

At one point I found myself in a spacious, furnished cave which looked like a hidden underground spot.

Unable to get out, I had to TP from there. So, if you're going to visit the place, I suggest you fly around - unless you want to look around from underneath the snow.

Further up the road, you quickly reach the next sim, Pavonia, and the end of Route 3.5. This is actually a convenient spot to start your journey, as there's a rezz zone along Route 3 here.

And if you follow this route towards north-west, you will see Serpentata's remaining few, snowless parcels. First, there's the Script Alchemy store, selling gadgets and scripts. In the background you can see the already quite high mountains of Nolidae.

Not far from there is Soul's Passion. I wasn't quite sure about this place. With images of scantily clad women avatars with exaggerated female attributes up on the walls, it looked like a gallery. Judging by the calendar, time stopped here in April of 2013.

Somewhere over Route 3 I spotted a sign rezzed by a resident, warning people of AnnMarie Otoole's famously annoying vehicles. I'm happy to report that I didn't see a single one while I was there.

Without Betony's sprawling winter land, there would have been nothing special about Serpentata. The sim's location is quite favourable, though. With access to two routes, 3 and 3.5, it's easily accessible by car and as such it's a good starting point for the exploration of eastern Heterocera's inland sims.

In the next Heterocera travelogue, I'll continue along Route 3, to Pavonia.