Saturday, 14 February 2015

Another mainland WTF moment

Earlier today Duncan and I noticed a strange occurrence in and around Refugium in Melanthia. There was something that was making the usual mainland issues a bit more problematic. Last night I had inexplicable crashes and texture loading problems and this morning everything seemed even more broken.

Just after I had sent a sim restart request, Duncan realized that something strange was visible on the world map, seemingly radiating right from Refugium (look at the white lines that shouldn't have been there).

Closer inspection revealed a huge invisible object rezzed on the neighbouring parcel - an object so big that it covered a number of sims in the area.

As you can see from the snapshots Duncan managed to take, the name of the object is "I RIDE A GREAT SWOOCE" and it was made and rezzed by Chainsword Audion.

Abuse report was filed, but the object disappeared within minutes. It contained a script that may have made it self-destruct - or possibly move somewhere else.

I've never seen something like that, and since the object was invisible, I probably wouldn't have noticed it without the world map. I don't even know how long it's been there, nor if it has anything to do with land issues I mentioned. Still, rezzing such huge objects on random mainland parcels - not cool!