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Refugium Newsletter - February 2015

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With January behind us, it’s been three full months since we’ve had daily meditation sessions at Refugium. After a somewhat busy December, with several Advent and Christmas activities, January was more quiet.

If you’re not familiar with Refugium, it’s a small meditation center in Melanthia on the Second Life continent of Heterocera. Our practice of meditation is grounded in the Christian tradition, with every session beginning with a brief quote from the Scriptures, and ending with another quote on the related subject, from a wide diversity of authors including poets, mystics and philosophers. Time permitting, after the sessions we usually hang out for a bit in the nearby Refugium Cafe for a relaxed chat over drinks and cake. We are a friendly community and everyone is welcome to join us both for our shared quiet time and the fellowship afterwards.

Daily 30-minute meditation sessions begin at 11pm SLT (7am UTC). I am still hoping to be able to offer another time slot that would be more convenient to people in different time zones, after we’ve discontinued special weekend sessions at 9am SLT. At the moment, I’m looking into the possibility of organizing additional, shorter, 15 to 20-minute Sunday sessions at 3 pm SLT, but more on that later in the month.

To keep in touch with news and announcements from Refugium, you can follow the Tumblr blog found at this URL, where I post a selection of quotes we use, also snapshots and links to articles about meditation. There is now also an inworld group, which you can find by typing “Refugium Announcements” in the group search feature of your viewer.

To visit Refugium, please follow this SLurl.

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