Monday, 26 January 2015

Red Bikcin's fractal art

Several days ago a new exhibition opened at Galeria Mexico. If you haven't visited before, the location is Mexican-themed, with a number of galleries found inside Mayan pyramids. While the theme may be an ancient one, the art found there is usually contemporary.

The latest to have their works on display here is Red Bikcin. Her gently moving geometric forms in outer space-like vacuum make you want to sit down and just watch the mesmerizing alternations of form and colour.

Bikcin is not the first to display fractal art here. In fact, Galeria Mexico often features artists who work with that form, and I still vividly remember some of the past exhibitions. To keep informed about news from this important and dynamic inworld art spot, consider joining the Facebook group.

To visit Red Bikcin's exhibition, follow this SLurl.

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