Friday, 16 January 2015

Night cap at Der Keller in 1920s Berlin

When I first joined SL and discovered the 1920s Berlin sim, going out for a drink at Der Keller quickly became like a daily ritual. It was and remains the sim's hub of social activity, the place to go if you want to get to know its residents, hear (or help spread) the latest gossip, or just enjoy a drink or two with the 1920s music in the background.

Trying to get Frau Jo's attention and order some Rotwein.
My RL schedule has changed since, and the daily get-togethers there at 2pm SLT often don't work for me at all. If I actually manage to get there, I'm often too tired to interact with people. And if I'm not tired, I'm too socially shy to chat much, even in the virtual environment.

Last night was not much different, but Duncan I slipped into our 1920s outfits and spent some time there, eavesdropping on late-night conversations (occasional Thursdays there are voice days, usually only local chat is used).

After a few glasses of wine, I took a few snapshots of the gentlemen of Berlin.

Father Helendale, in a bar, at such late hour?
Enjoying Herr Armundsen's company. Prosit!
Herr Luynes. What's the secret of his youthful looks?
Mr Payne, about to go to his night shift?

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