Friday, 9 January 2015

New Refugium meetinghouse: meditating in a ryokan

Refugium: Centre for Contemplation has had a makeover. I didn't think I would ever replace the old building, as I liked it a lot, but yesterday I came across one that caught my attention.

My Japanese friends will find it funny, possibly odd, as the building is actually supposed to be a ryokan - a traditional Japanese inn, rather than a meditation area.

To be honest, it was the space itself, its minimalist design and quality texturing that made me go for it. I hope repurposing it like that doesn't seem too weird.

A shout-out to EllaGuru Wellesley, a very talented creator - interestingly, also from Heterocera. I love to support the local economy! :D

She was very friendly and helpful answering all of my questions, even came by to meet me in person last night. Customer service doesn't get better than that!

I've placed some of her other buildings elsewhere in Nørgaard Village, and will blog more about her and her designs later.

Also, you can see more snapshots from the new Refugium on my Tumblr. To visit the inworld location, click here.

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