Sunday, 4 January 2015

Luvofmusic at Forever Yours Jazz Club

One thing that is often overlooked in critical reviews of Second Life in the mainstream media is SL's thriving art scene. Apart from visual artists, doing amazing things in SL's 3D virtual environment, there are also exceptional musical talents, singers who provide us quality live entertainment, regardless of where in the RL world we might find ourselves. And, of course, the venue owners who make it all possible.

Last night, Duncan and I paid a visit to Forever Yours Jazz Club, a cozy venue found at this location. It was a début performance there of an artist we've never had a chance to listen to before, Luvofmusic.

Her voice sounded very professional; selection of songs - mostly jazz standards - was just perfect and the general atmosphere in the club was very pleasant and relaxing.

It was lovely listening to Luvofmusic singing, while the snow was falling outside. If you enjoy jazz music and quality live inworld performances, you will want to save this club's LM.

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