Thursday, 29 January 2015

Heterocera Travelogue #8: Drinker

Taking off from Spectacle, the place where I ended my last travelogue, I decided to go down Route 4 towards south, to a place with a promising name - Drinker!

Before I came here to explore, I was imagining a land overflowing with drinks and cocktails. Driving through on numerous occasions before, I do remember seeing a club here which looked quite nice from the road. However, no sign of any of that now. To begin with, the sim is actually named after a moth species, and has very little to do with drinking.

Drinker moth (Euthrix potatoria)
The sim borders with some of the places already covered in my journey: Spectacle to the north, Plusia and Wainscot to the east. It borders with Dagger to the west, and lovely named November to the south.

It was here in Drinker that I realized there's a pattern to most of the mainland sims I've visited so far. Apart from some percentage of abandoned or undeveloped land, there's usually one parcel which  dominates the scenery and gives a certain feel to the whole place. I've seen that in Wainscot, Plusia, Spectacle and other places, and the same goes for Drinker.

The single largest parcel and the most developed one here is that of Clint Blackbart's Pensacola Police Station, nestled between Route 3.5 and 4, seen in the centre of the aerial shot above. It's a hilly area, and as you walk towards west, you can definitely notice the changing topography of the region, with the ever higher altitude.

The police station itself is a large, modern building, with a helipad on one of the roofs and a number of quality police vehicles on the parking lot (caution - if you intend to visit with a helicopter, there are banlines in the area).

Zippedy and his pet Cyril
Very close to the station building is a forest area, resembling a camping ground. You can find some naughty things here, such as a sex dumpster with some adult animations. I was joined in my exploration by two friends, Gustav and Zippedy, but we didn't dare try them out, moving on quickly. Last thing we needed was getting arrested for lewd behaviour - on the grounds of a police station at that!

Officer Blackbart actually happened to be there at the time of our visit, but didn't mind at all that we were snooping around. He told me that this is a quiet area with not much crime to report.

The other quite large building in the area is a fortress across the street. However, it was protected by banlines, which was rather disappointing. Lack of trees was not such a pleasing contrast to Clint Blackbart's wooded area, either.

The other parcels in Drinker are purely commercial. There's an Alli & Ali hair store affiliate.

Along Route 4, there's a furniture store by the name of Sapphire Flames. The items sold there are inexpensive, but high-prim and dated. They must have looked quite decent several years ago, although most of them still carry the sign "New". The place seems like one of those mainland parcels that are left frozen in time. It seems SL 2.0 is the only thing that will be end of them.

On the plus side, they also sell wet T-shirts, although my companions didn't seem all that impressed.

Last but not least, there is something that is supposed to be a texture store, Siberian Original Texture Market. It really is original, in that it seems to be completely invisible! There's only the sign left, which looked both sad and funny at the same time. How mainland, I thought.

To sum up, Drinker was an interesting place to visit. I think I'll pay officer Blackbart another visit and ask him about the role play done at his place. As I live only two or three sims from there, it felt reassuring to know there's an active police community in the area. It also made me think about possible community role playing I might do there, putting some of my land to a more practical use. I do have a small train station, but visiting Drinker, I had a vision of a village fire station in my Triphosa.

For the next instalment, I'll stay on Route 4 and move on to my next destination, November.

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