Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Heterocera Travelogue #6: Snout, Haworth and Blush

Taking off from the rezz zone in Satellite, I drive eastwards along the final stretch of Route 2 to Snout.

The sim borders with Satellite on the west, Haworth on the south and only narrow waterways on the north and east.

It's a short but pleasant drive, thanks to the trees on both sides of the road. If you need to rezz a vehicle, there's a small rezz zone very close to the border with Satellite.

The peninsula is possibly the most developed of the sims I've covered so far in my travelogues, with small private homes along its southern shores...

...and small businesses on the right side of the Linden road. There's the Orange Forest Lab selling interesting sea vehicles and other builds (rather high-prim, I should add).

Also a repair garage, with quality cars and bikes on display.

Parcels on the left side of the road, i.e. along Snout's northern shore, consist mainly of beaches and large, modern homes. Not to forget that this is mainland, there's also the beach with a large nondescript black object rezzed in the middle of it.

The end of the parcel with nice pine trees is at the same time the end of Route 2. Here you can rest, enjoying the ocean view.

In immediate vicinity is what appears to be a small Japanese shrine.

The most prominent feature of Snout, though, is its lighthouse overlooking a small marina with a large tree house - a quiet, picturesque place.

At the moment of writing, two parcels in the sim are up for sale, for the average price of 25L$/sqm. The reason for a comparatively high price is obvious: great geographical location, direct access to ocean on one side and the Linden road on the other, and the fact that this is a rather nice neighbourhood, quite developed compared to some of the sims in the area.

South of Snout are Haworth and Blush, which are not populated (not at sea level, in any case), consisting only of ocean expanses, as seen on the aerial below.

And here are the real world moths that gave names to these three sims:

Snout moth (Pyrilida)
Haworth moth (Pseudaletia unipuncta)
Blush moth (Cyclophora punctaria)
For the next instalment, I'll drive along Route 2 back to Satellite and then go westward along Satellite Way - to Spectacle.

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