Sunday, 4 January 2015

Heterocera Travelogue #5: Satellite

Having explored Plusia, I’ve crossed onto the Linden road Route 2 at Plusia’s northern border and entered Satellite. This sim borders with Spangle and Plusia on the south, Sallow on the west, Snout on the east, and only a narrow waterway on the north.

The best place to start your visit is the large Satellite Market Square Rezz Zone, managed by the Linden Department of Public Works, found at this SLurl. This rezz zone is in fact immediately behind the small SLRR Spangle Station, mentioned in my blog post on Spangle.

From the Satellite Market, Route 2 will take you to the nice peninsula of the Snout sim, while the same route in the northern direction goes all the way to the north of the continent. On the other hand, the road going in the western direction, Satellite Way, will take you in the interior of the continent. If you like to drive around, this spot is one of the best to start your journey across this part of Heterocera.

Towards east along Route 2, you will come across a small photography studio and immediately after you enter Snout - the destination of my next travelogue. 

For the rest of the north-eastern part of the sim, you’ll have to do some flying, as it isn’t accessible by road. Not that you would miss much: there is something resembling a breeding ground for wild animals at a place called Timeless Ocean, which must have been bigger and much more developed in the past, judging by the remaining signs of terraforming on the now empty land, and the image found in the owner’s profile.

However, things are looking better on the western side of Satellite, with lots of trees and two private homes at Kumi Lab and Yukon Place.

There’s also a pleasant looking space with quality furniture inside, by the name of Satellite Leisure Club. Owned by Brandstuff Bisnovat, the place looks like a private home on the outside (actually, on the inside as well), but seems to be a public spot. I’ve contacted the owner for more information on the club, and will update this blog post if and when I get back from him.

Unevenly developed, Satellite exhibits some not that positive features of the mainland in general. However, what makes it an attractive spot is its excellent geographical location and proximity to two Linden roads: Route 2 and Satellite Way, as well as the nearby train stations of Plusia and Spangle. It has a lot of potential and it’s sad to see so much of it underdeveloped.

In the next Heterocera travelogue, I’ll take you along Route 2 to one of Heterocera’s most prominent eastern peninsulas - Snout.

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