Thursday, 1 January 2015

Refugium Newsletter: January 2015

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Dear friends,

Looking back at last month, I’m grateful for all the times our small group has gathered in silence, but just as much for all the casual chats, conversations and pranks regularly happening afterwards.

During December 2014, Refugium took part in the ecumenical Advent tradition of Posada in Second Life, which was a nice opportunity for people to visit and look around. Duncan Armundsen kindly provided a few pics of the posada handover, which I’m sharing here:

Christmas is behind us, but we’re still in Christmastide: the nativity scene is still on display in front of the meetinghouse, as are most of the decorations. Our drunken Santa has also lingered on at the cafe, but within a week or so things will go back to normal.

Please note the change in schedule: from January 3 our 30-minute sessions take place 7am UTC every day. If you would like to attend the sessions but our schedule hasn’t made that feasible, do contact me with suggestions about possible changes. With my RL work schedule changing somewhat in the new year, I just might be able to make some adjustments depending on feedback.

The Refugium blog on Tumblr continues to attract new visitors. Posts include a selection of our daily opening and ending quotes, also snapshots from the activities and occasional updates.

Additionally, there is now the brand new inworld group, set up only several days ago, with notifications about activities at Refugium. To join, use the group search feature of your viewer and look up “Refugium Announcements” group.

You are welcome to visit Refugium at any time by following this SLurl.

With very best wishes for 2015,


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